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Month May 2024

Breaking News – Policy change for changing Embassies

This is a very important update regarding changing embassies. Please take the time to watch this update as it could make all the difference to your case. As mentioned in the video, it is likely that embassies and KCC won’t… Continue Reading →

DV2025 case numbers and holes

This video is worth watching if you want to understand the importance of the selectee number information and your case number.

DV2025 Case Number survey – results

Take a look at the video to see the case number ranges I believe we have for the regions. This is all based on the survey, and of course it could be somewhat inaccurate, but I think it will be… Continue Reading →

Visa bulletin for July 2024 interviews released

The visa bulletin for July interviews has been released. The numbers are a NICE surprise pretty much what I was hoping! Congratulations to everyone that just became current. Those that are current, and have forms processed early enough, can normally… Continue Reading →

DV2025 – is your number high or low and is it safe

Take a few minutes to watch this important video to understand whether to be concerned about your case number, and when you will know more if your number is in the high range

DV2025 Case number survey update

If you are a DV2025 selectee, please make sure you add your case number on the survey here- https://forms.gle/EzP4cYveosycLM7K7 Also you can see the results already coming through – some interesting findings, but we need more responses!

Basic questions

We will have many new selectees with very basic questions. Let me try and address the most frequent ones here in the hope that people will read this. If you ask a question and I give you a link to… Continue Reading →

DV2025 useful links

IMPORTANT – SURVEY LINK https://forms.gle/EzP4cYveosycLM7K7 How to check your results – https://youtu.be/GKpE4ocFC-Y Lost the confirmation number- https://youtu.be/GKpE4ocFC-Y Check your entry without making mistakes! – https://youtu.be/pw9TalmV-d8 Confirmation number is not working – https://youtu.be/pw9TalmV-d8 Not selected – https://youtu.be/hgc-dwS45Rw Selected – next steps… Continue Reading →

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