I’ve gathered the Historical Visa Bulletin Numbers from various sources for a few years to give an idea of progression in previous years and I will maintain these numbers as future Visa Bulletins are released.

Knowing visa bulletin progression is sometimes a useful reference, and is certainly interesting. To use the data, click the tab for the region you are interested in and check the cutoff number for the month.

There may be some similarities with number progress from year to year, but there may not. So – don’t rely on these numbers as a predictive guide for this year. One thing that confuses people is that the selected numbers vary each year depending on entries and other factors. For instance, certain countries in the past have had huge entry numbers and once those countries are excluded from the lottery the range of numbers selected changes from one year to the next. That was the case in 2014 to 2015 in AF region when Nigeria was excluded, or in Asia in 2012 to 2013 when Bangladesh was excluded.

To understand how to read the Visa Bulletin works and can be read – please check out this article.

What does CURRENT mean? That is published when KCC believes that there are enough visas for all remaining demand. All case numbers can then be interviewed.

If you prefer a direct link to the data you can see that here.

Historical Visa Bulletin Numbers
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