I am posting here a request that was sent to me. It’s a good thing to promote the DV lottery experience – both good experiences and those more challenging ones. So – if any of you would like to participate – please read the below request.


My name is Aviva Slesin and I am an Academy Award winning filmmaker in the beginning stages of research for a documentary on Green Card lottery winners called “American by Chance”. My colleague, Hannes Hosp, and I are hoping to speak to those of you who have won this lottery. The film will touch on the experience of immigration, assimilation, and most definitely, on some of the advantages of winning the lottery. For better or for worse, this is another complex manifestation of the American Dream.

For those of you who are already living in the United States, we are interested to hear what your experiences have been like so far. For those of you who are still planning to come, we would like to know what you imagine life in America will be like. We’d like to hear about both your successes and your struggles on this journey. 

If you are willing to be contacted by us for a preliminary interview through email or a phone call, please fill out this short form to submit your contact information. 

We tell real stories about real people. While I, Aviva, was an immigrant to the United States as a refugee over fifty years ago, Hannes has recently won the Diversity Visa lottery. We both have an enormous interest and empathy for the challenges of assimilating into a new country.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

Thank you, 

Aviva Slesin, Director, Producer (bio)

Hannes Hosp, Co-Producer (bio)