OK – I have had many people asking why the 2NLs for April interviews have not yet gone out.

Just to be clear, they aren’t actually LATE yet. The VB is typically published from the 8th the the 15th of each month, and then at least one week later (but commonly 2 weeks later) the 2NLs are sent. That means that although we have seen 2NLs being sent as early as the 19th/20th of some months, there have been other months where 2NLs have not gone out until the last days of the month.

However, KCC have additional workload this month. As well as the interviews they would normally be scheduling, they have had to do some re-scheduling for appointments that got cancelled due to Trumps Executive order a few weeks ago. So – that has increased the workload on a team that would normally have their hands full. So – that is my guess why the 2NLs have not been sent.

I was expecting the 2NLs to be sent today, but I called KCC and they told me that they expect to send them within the next week. So – I would imagine they will go out by the end of this week – but regardless, there is no need to panic. It does not mean anything sinister. So – RELAX!