globalupdate31082015CEAC data August 31 2015


This is an important file because it shows the position in CEAC just before the final month of processing.

We can see the embassies have again issued over 5600 visas this month, building on the pace increase we saw in July.  This is as I have described in the past – the process starts slowly and ends fast. In fact the final month is likely to see a lot of visas issued (especially in AF region). Again – this is the same pattern seen in DV2014.

I will be publishing an analysis of this data in the next couple of days. I believe AF region is going to be underfilled (wasted visas) – which is frustrating as they could have got to the 55000 numbers as I had previously calculated. I wish they had been looking at rather than doing their own calculations!

I have included the regional response rates since we pretty much can know that now. This data will help us predict the situation for DV2016.

As ever, please feel free to sort the data yourself to look at “your” embassy. Information on how to do that is available here.

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Here is the data.