Ok, this is a slightly complex order. We won some things, and lost some things. Overall, I am THRILLED with this result. We asked for a lot, in part knowing we would not get everything.

First, 9095 visas have been set aside for after the September deadline. The lawyers will need some time to interpret the order in some aspects of that number.

The Gomez class (everyone represented by the 7 brave plaintiffs HAS been certified. That ensures relief can be given to more than just named plaintiffs.

The Aker class certification was denied. Again, I will need time and input from the lawyers to determine what impacts that has, if any. This was about visa re-issuances. Charles is asking for evidence for re-issuances granted that says you are subject to 10014 (which should not be the case if the visa was originally issued prior to April 23).

We need to sort out how the processing will happen, and how the government interprets and implements the order. The order does NOT dictate whether to issue by case number order, or which groups will be helped. So – that will be something to sort out next. It will take some DAYS to figure that out.

Some explanation from Charles Kuck here: