globalupdate 10032015


This is the last CEAC file of DV2015.


It is important to notes that Adjustment of Status cases are not in this file, so that could be 1500 to 2000 more visas.  As we can see, there was an underfilling of the quote – especially in AF and AS region. With the AoS, we can assume they just missed the 50,000 quota – which means about 2000 to 3000 visas have been wasted. Basically AF region could have gone to at least 55,000 and AS could have made at least 9000, perhaps 10000. However, in the end, KCC left it too late to cope with the extra interviews that would have been required. . That is a great shame.


Also, as I have posted today, there has been an interesting mass delete of cases. You will notice an additional column in the data – this column is explained in the other post.


Over the next feew days I will publish some analysis of the DV2015 numbers and explain some statistics that can help us predict what will happen in DV2016.

Here is the data.

I hope people have found the data useful this year. I will of course publish the 2016 data once it is loaded into CEAC. Last year, the 2015 data was not loaded until late December, so we could have quite a wait.


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 Final DV2015 CEAC file