He is reserving a low number of visas for Goodluck (6914) and Goh (481). Dissapointed to now get more than that.

Will update here as I study the order.

The logic for the numbers is explained in the order.

JM has not reserved ANY visas for non plaintiffs.

Goh plaintiffs will have until the end of fiscal year 2022 to process until they reach 481 visas. As I understand it, that is not enough for all Goh plaintiffs.

Goodluck will need to wait for a final order before adjudication can begin, but again, it is clear that 6914 visas is not enough for Goodluck cases.

So – it’s a win, but not as generous as we hoped.

There is nothing in the order about how the cases should be prioritized, so it should be a case of DQ date ordering.