Extended until March 31

I suggest there are three options for DV2020 cases with visas (with the last two being the safest approach).

  1. Attempt an entry now as some people have already done that. Just be aware the lawyers will NOT agree with this idea, Rafel Urena has posted information about 237(a)(1)(A)  which says that someone entering the USA while inadmissible could be deportable. I don’t believe that would happen – but that is the risk they are warning about.
  2. Wait to see if Biden removes the ban (I think that is very likely)
  3. Wait for legal remedies such as lawsuits (the usual legal firms are already suggesting such actions).

But just to add – PLEASE give some time before taking action – there will be news about lawsuits and also comments from Joe Biden within a few days. There is no need to rush into an action that you are not already committed to (such as travel already booked). Being the first on the bus does NOT help you. Just relax and wait to evaluate your options.

Watch the video below for more thoughts.