The new Visa Bulletin has been released. This one would normally be the bulletin controlling interviews in February, but of course we can assume that KCC will not schedule interviews in February because nothing has changed, from their perspective. The ban is still in place.

So – I do not expect KCC to send 2NLs in the remainder of December. The next “changes” that could cause them to start scheduling will be:

  • The 10014/10052 ban expiring in January (I expect it will because as I predicted, Trump is too busy lining his pockets and whining about the election)
  • The change to the new administration on January 20.
  • A legal action such as the Anunciato case.

Of course the other major hurdle for DV2021 cases is the pandemic itself. That is causing some embassies to remain closed and it may well be that the government need to be told (probably because of the lawsuit) to treat DV cases as emergency cases in order to get the partially open embassies to see DV cases at all. It could be that this is the deciding factor about whether KCC will begin scheduling at all, even once the ban is lifted. So – that will mean that the Anunciato case class certification and decision is the key to getting DV2021.

Again, we can see the numbers have only increased slightly, and is lower after four months than normal. That should not be a surprise really because this is an abnormal year where NO cases are being scheduled yet. That means the VB should not be increased much as there were already enough cases that were ready for scheduling from the earlier numbers. That is how the VB works, and you should NOT be calculating expected final VB numbers based on the month to month progress. To understand why that means case number increases had to be small this month, watch the video posted below.

RegionAll DV Chargeability Areas Except
Those Listed Separately
AFRICA12,000Except: Egypt  7,200
ASIA5,000Except: Iran      3,000
              Nepal  3,950

To those new to looking at VBs, let me explain what the “except” XXX country means. Some countries have been called out as “exceptions” meaning that selectees chargeable to those two countries (regardless of where they will interview) are subject to a lower VB number for the month than the rest of the region. This is done to slow down processing for countries with a high number of selectees to spread out the workload over a longer time. Please read this linked article on how to read the visa bulletin.