OK, as we all know there was a lawsuit status conference today and I have a couple of updates from that hearing. In general, as I think I have already mentioned, the judge is controlling things quite well, obviously fairly and is not a “push over”. As I have pointed out, he is not afraid to point out nonsense when he hears it 🙂

The hearing today was largely “procedural”, meaning it was not expected to be the hearing where a decision is made. There is still a scheduled hearing for August 27th, and that hearing will be more crucial in getting a decision – although the actual decision could still be after that date.

So – some updates from this am.

Judge Mehta pointed out it was hard to believe that all the embassies needed to still be closed down – the government taking the position that it is based on local conditions. I think the point being made was that Mehta might suspect this is further interference with the “normal” dealings of the embassies – in other words, just another way to make life difficult for immigrants/nonimmigrants.

The judge ordered the government to produce the “policy memos” that is the instructions from the State department to the embassies. That is important to know because there has been variation in how embassies have handled the bans and there is a principle that the government should treat people equally in matters such as these.

Responses to the TRO requests are due by Tuesday next week – although again, we should not assume we would get a TRO as fast as next week – these things take time.

So – the judge is doing a great job. The ARMY of lawyers on the FOUR cases before the judge are doing a great job. People are fighting, and so far I haven’t heard any strong arguments from the government lawyers.

It’s positive – yes – but time is against us. So – about time. This is complicated because the lawyers have slightly different arguments against the ban, and they are asking for different types of relief and so on. But the question of time remaining (September 30th deadline) comes up often, and I have recorded a video where I address that as well as the progress today – so check that out below.

By the way – The announcement today by the State department that clarified the exceptions to the earlier bans that affected certain non immigrant visa cases was staggering – the detailed exceptions effectively guts the ban on H, L J visas and others. Unfortunately it does not help DV cases.