Yesterday, many people received an email from KCC yesterday that says something like this:

““Thank you for submitting your Diversity Visa documents to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC). After reviewing your documents, KCC has determined that you have not sent the required documents for review. Please review the required documents listed below and verify that you have submitted all required documents…”

It was clear that many people had received this on the same day, but many people reported that they were SURE their documents were complete. So I contacted KCC to check with them – and here is what I was told.

There was an email sent en masse yesterday which was supposed to go to cases that had not yet submitted their documents. However, KCC are aware that the email also MISTAKENLY was sent to a number of cases where documents are actually completed and ready for scheduling.

Now, this email is one of their standard templates, so if you received the email yesterday it could be one of these scenarios.

  • You have not yet sent documents at all, in which case the email was designed to prompt you to send documents. If you want to be interviewed at all, you need to comply with this new procedure of sending documents, and can read all the details of what to do at this link.
  • You have sent documents already. In this case I suggest you read the documents email again, linked here and make sure you have followed the procedure correctly. If you have sent the correct documents it might simply mean you were sent the email in error. If you want you can contact KCC to check, either at their regular email address ( or by phoning them (+USA 606-526-7500 , press zero to bypass the recorded message).

OK – I hope that helps!

Many thanks to KCC for the information!