Oh man. I wish I had $10 for every time I have been asked that in the last few days.

Usually the Visa Bulletin is released by the 15th of each month. That is in the USA – several hours behind other parts of the world. So – It is now officially late. So – some Questions and answers:

Is that mean there is a problem – NO.

Does it have anything to do with Trump – NO.

Does it affect high case numbers – NO.

Has this ever happened before – Probably.

Should we all freak out and panic – NO NO NO!


Yesterday was a federal holiday, so they probably intended to release it before but enjoyed their long weekend instead. I called KCC. They are waiting for the VB to be released, same as we are. Don’t forget the VB includes DV numbers but it is MAINLY about all the other priority dates for visas that are FAR MORE VISAS than the DV visas we are concerned with.

So – RELAX and be patient. Probably the VB will be released within a few hours, or perhaps tomorrow. It doesn’t matter. BE PATIENT.