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Year 2015

Mass delete of DV2015 cases in CEAC by KCC

The latest extract of the CEAC data produced an interesting finding. This year (and last year) the script that produced the csv file would occasionally misalign the columns of data for a row of data, adding an extra column. It… Continue Reading →

Applying for DV-2017 video guides

I have previously mentioned that I would produce some videos to assist people in entering the lottery. Actually US DoS have produced an extremely good video and there is not much I can do to improve on what they have… Continue Reading →

DV-2017 official announcement

Finally US DoS have published the official announcement of DV2017 which will start tomorrow, October 1st and finish November 3rd. There are no changes to the countries that are eligible. Here are the dates. DV 2017 Program: Online registration for the… Continue Reading →

2NLs for November interviews have now started

So – 2NLs for November interviews have started! Generally these come out as in batches over a period of a few hours or a couple of days at most. If you expect your 2NL and you have NOT had it… Continue Reading →

2NLs for November not published yet

I am getting constant messages from people – all asking the same thing. Have the 2NLs gone out yet and why are they late.   OK first of all – they are not technically late – they won’t be technically… Continue Reading →

DV-2017 dates revealed

DV-2017 dates revealed In true bumbling form, Department of State has managed to trip over their own shoelaces again in announcing the DV lottery DV2017 and they have revealed the  DV-2017 dates by mistake. The DV-2017 dates have not been officially… Continue Reading →

Easiest way to get disqualified from DV lottery

I hear people asking – why is BritSimon telling us a way to get disqualified?? Well every year I get to hear similar stories about what people have done on their DV entry and how can I help fix it… Continue Reading →

Country of Chargeability for DV lottery

As the new registration period will shortly be open I wanted to address something that has potential to catch people out during the eDV entry. It is about chargeability. Eligibility to participate in the DV lottery is based on country… Continue Reading →

CEAC data September 15 2015

  This is the last CEAC data file before the DV2015 ends. The next file I produce will be after the end of the month – and will be the last snapshot of the year. So – todays file tells… Continue Reading →

Backlog effect on visa bulletin explained

OK – since the Visa Bulletin was released I have had a lot of questions about the pace of the visa bulletin – many of those questions from Nepal which was 2400 for October and 2450 for November – an… Continue Reading →

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