I hear people asking – why is BritSimon telling us a way to get disqualified??

Well every year I get to hear similar stories about what people have done on their DV entry and how can I help fix it for them. It normally goes like this…

“My friends told me to apply as single even though I am married…”

“I was annoyed with my husband and we planned to divorce so I left him off the entry…”

“My child is away in another country so I left him off the form, how can I add my child…”

“I split up from my husband years ago, and although we never got divorced, I did not put him on my entry…”

In every case like that my answer will be the same. There is nothing you can do, you will be disqualified. Every time. Got that? Every time.

So – if you want an easy way to be certain to get disqualified – this is the most obvious and certain thing you can do. Leave a legal spouse or child off your eDV entry. Simple.

Am I making my point?


Now if you are about to enter the DV lottery and want to avoid the heartache, expense, and hassle of being disqualified, this is the single most important bit of advice I can give you.

INCLUDE your spouse, along with any child, adopted child or step child under 21 years old (who is not already a US citizen) on the entry.

It does not matter whether you intend to apply for a Green Card for them as your derivative. It does not matter if you are planning to get a divorce. It does not matter if you do not have custody of your child. IF you have any derivative family that would be an eligible derivative, they MUST be on your entry form.

Now, how about some answers to specific scenarios.

You are separated from your spouse, but do not have legal separation papers. You must include him/her on your entry. Don’t have a photo? Use an old photo or take a photo of a neighbor. If that spouse is not going to apply  for a DV Green Card with you, the photo won’t matter. However, leaving him/her off your entry will get you disqualified.


Plan to take the kids at some later date? Put them on the entry. If you win, you don’t have to process their case, but again, leaving a child off your entry will get you disqualified.


Getting the picture?


Ok so the other question I get asked is how will they know. Surely someone could pass the interview and wait until later then bring the spouse/children later – perhaps after the winner is a US citizen. Well let us assume that because of bad record keeping in your country the US embassy does not find out you have a spouse or kids that you didn’t declare. Let’s say you have been living in the USA for over 5 years and now have citizenship. So – you apply to sponsor your children. You will be deported. Your citizenship will be taken away. Because you obtained the Green Card by fraudulent omission, your citizenship will be revoked. So – if you proceed with this and think you can sort things out later, you NEVER will be able to admit the existence of the spouse/child that you left off your eDV entry. Their existence proves your fraud.


So – good luck with your entry. Please don’t make this simple mistake. If you do, I cannot help you.

Easiest way to get disqualified from DV lottery