BritSimonSays annual report

Although I have been active in DV forums over the last couple of years I only started this blog in October 2014. Since then I have had over 42,000 visits to my site from 151 countries around the world!

2014 was the year I moved to the States in February and became an LPR in September through the DV lottery. I am enormously grateful to “Mom” and Susie for their support during my process and also a shout out to Matina and Melissa who also tirelessly help others though this process.

As 2014 closes out we are in full swing of DV2015 – thousands of DV2015 selectees already have their visas and no doubt some are already starting their lives in the USA. I am proud to know that I have helped some of those people achieve their goal – and I look forward to helping many more in the next year.

If you are interested to see where my visitors have come from the link below shows a nice map which will show you visitors if you hover your mouse over the country you are interested in. It also shows some of the most popular posts and I encourage those still going through the process to make sure you have caught up with some of the other posts and make sure you are better informed than the CO on the day you meet!!!


Happy New Year!!!


My Annual Report