DV interview questions

This question comes up often – what are the typical DV interview questions? People  are nervous about the interview as if they are going to be asked some really difficult questions or be held for an hour being questioned like a prisoner!!!! I have known people who want to prepare and practice their answers to all possible questions – just to be safe!

Well RELAX! The interview is usually a complete anticlimax. In a typical Embassy appointment there will be two or three stages. It isn’t always like this, but this will give an idea.

First you will be called to a window and asked to present some minimum documentation (Passports, birth certs etc). You will be asked to pay for the fee ($330) and that might be at a cashiers window.

Then you will be called for the actual interview which will typically last a very few minutes – sometimes less than 2 minutes!

The CO will look at your paperwork, and may request additional documents. They then may ask general questions such as:-

“Where did you study?”

“What work do you normally do?”

“Where will you live in the USA?”

“Who will you live with in the USA?”

“What is your relationship with the people you will live with?”

For most people that is the most that will be asked – and they are not looking to trick you or catch you out. If something needs more explanation or documentation they may go into that – but again it isn’t normally in depth. If you have recently married, you can expect some questions about your marriage (where you met, what trips you have taken together and so on).

Obviously the best answers are the most real/honest answers. Don’t try and impress the CO or say what you think they want to hear. As long as you meet the requirements and have followed the instructions the visa will be approved!!!

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