Please read this important update after I spoke with KCC on February 24.

I spoke directly to the KCC staff and checked the best way to handle the documents situation for those that are not certain their documents are processed (see below).

KCC confirmed that they cannot see document status until the case is current. That is a change from the previous situation where the KCC staff at least could check that documents were received and being processed. There is separation between the teams and the systems. So – the regular KCC staff may not be able to provide good updates at this time.

The representative told me the best idea for cases where you are NOT certain your documents are satisfactory is to send the documents to the KCCDV team at this email address –

Make sure your case number is in the subject line, and include your name and birthdate in the email body. If you are attaching the documents make sure you attach the whole complete set of documents as described in this LINKED article about the document procedure.

KCC will check if your case is currently being scheduled and will inform you if that is the case with an email that says “you are current for scheduling“.

This update is about the documents. It is important for those cases not yet scheduled to make sure they have sent the correct documents AND that those documents have been processed, so, if you are not CERTAIN that KCC has processed your documents you need to check with KCC and ask them whether they are satisfied with your documents.

By now KCC should have asked everyone to submit documents, so if you have not been asked you might have missed the email. So – whether you have received the email asking for documents or not – you now need to send them.

The full instructions on what documents to send and how to send them are in this link.

You ca also watch the video below to get more information.