As I mentioned in my post the other day the latest version of the travel ban was blocked by a Federal judge in Hawaii, and now also by one additional court.  The block eliminates the travel ban restrictions for the vast majority of affected people. So – selectees from  Chad, Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia are not subject to any restrictions at this time. The tiny number of affected people from North Korea and Venezuela are still affected by the ban. Selectees can interview, and can be approved. Once approved, I would advise people from these countries to activate their visas (enter the USA) quickly.

I am pretty sure this block will be appealed by the Trump government once again, so it is possible that the ban could be re-implemented with little or no notice.

So – there is some risk to these cases that you should be take into account. Some selectees will be put on Administrative Processing (AP) that can last weeks and months. This AP is to allow additional background (security) checks. That type of AP is very common for Iranian cases, and other cases could experience the same thing. So – people need to decide for themselves whether to take the risk of interviewing, and hoping that any period of AP can be resolved before the ban is re-implemented.

The official announcement from the state department of their handling of the blocked executive order can be read here: