I held a live Q&A session yesterday, so if you have not seen that you can go and see the questions I answered. The questions I am answering appear on the bottom of the screen now – and I think that helps.

Now – a call for some of you to “get involved” with my channel. I would like to do some interviews with people 1 on 1. This would ideally be for people to share their experience of interviews, or settling in the USA, finding a job. Those sort of topics. I think my subscribers would find those stories interesting and helpful. It would not be so much to ask me questions for someone going through the process – because those questions are normally the same questions everyone has. But if you have recently gone through the interview, or you are a longtime reader and have moved to the USA over the last few years, perhaps you would like to share your story so far. Let me know in the chat below, and I will pick some people to record an interview.