Generally these come out as in batches over a period of a few hours or a couple of days at most. If you expect your 2NL and you have NOT had it within a day or two, it probably means you submitted your DS260 late.


It would be GREAT if those that received their 2NLs would add a reply to this message saying when they submitted their DS260. A survey like that helps us understand the processing time for the DS260 and let’s us understand the backlog.

***** UPDATE*****


Having had some feedback, it looks like DS260s submitted up to mid to late May have been processed in time for October interview. I have only heard of one June submitted case and a couple of late May cases that have not processed in time.

NOW – not all cases are processed at the same pace – some take longer than others. So – there may be some more 2NLs sent on 8/26, but if you submitted your DS260 from June or later, you are probably too late for October interviews. As a rough guess, Next month (November interviews) will probably be June submissions, and then submissions in July will be for December submissions.

Being late is not a problem – if you are interviewed in November or December and so on that is not an issue – so please relax.

2NLs for DV2016 have started