Some people are getting themselves worked up because they expected their 2NLs for January and have not yet got them. So – let me clear up some questions that I am being asked over and over again (sometimes the same person).


  1. Some people have received 2NLs. That is certain – there is no need to keep saying “no one” got their 2NL from XX region.
  2. Many people expected their 2NL and didn’t get it yet. That is also certain. There are people from every region waiting.
  3. There is a chance that more 2NLs could be sent out early next week, but if not, then the cases not scheduled for January (and current according to the VB) will be interviewed in later months (probably February). The Green Cards issued in February are the same as those issued in January so everyone can stay calm!!


So why has this happened? 

This month is the first month where the new document procedure has been in place. I gave details about the new procedure in this post. There is always change and uncertainty when new procedures are added to this process, and based on past experience, the government don’t always implement the changes smoothly. So – I have written before there will be some uncertainty about the effects of the new procedure, and we can expect the process to get better only after some time. We already know they had problems in implementing the email that says the documents were received. We also know that KCC are having to waste their time responding to people asking whether their documents were received and now people are wasting more KCC resources by asking where the 2NLs are. So – before you ask KCC something, use some self control and ask yourself if KCC should be allowed to spend their time working on cases or being interrupted to answer your impatient questions.


In the short term it looks like the new procedure has delayed some cases, even when they submitted their documents as soon as they were asked. That should not be a surprise. The documents were being submitted for a reason and I expect there will be some level of processing needed on those documents before interviews can be scheduled. I don’t know specifics about that processing. That delay may not be the same in all cases.


Bottom line is everyone needs to be calm and patient. Yes, the new process has delayed some cases. But that delay is not a serious problem.

In the longer term we may see some effects of this in the VB progress – but we could only speculate about that, so let’s just wait and see…