OK – this is the “Month end” CEAC extract. IN theory it is actually a little less than a full month as some updates could happen tomorrow – but it is “near enough”.

The  file shows there is a “miss” on the pace – they should be nearing 5000, and they actually only issued just over 4000! There are two main causes of that,. EU had a small number of interviews scheduled for this month s- whilst the first half of the month was on track for 2000 visas issued, the EU pace died down in the second half of the month. The EU pace dropped by about 500 visas as a result. I suspect that was deliberate on the part of KCC – I believe the 2200 pace was higher than they were wanting. Slowing down the pace makes sure there are still some visa processing activities in September – which is the best use of their resources. With 4 months of processing to go – EU are nicely placed to hit the target.


The other surprise is the slow pace in AF region. The no shows must be a factor in AF. I really hope KCC realize the issue and schedule more interviews in August and September as a result. At current pace AF region is at risk to NOT hit the quota for the region – which could waste some visa places which MANY people would like to use!


Asia pace is picking up as I pointed out a couple of weeks ago. This is entirely consistent with previous years and again I would say AS region is on target.

We can also see that there are almost no “in Transit” cases. AS region had 30 added this week – but that clearly is not the full extent of the 2NLs this month. Come on KCC IT department – what are you playing at!!!!

Here is the data.

CEAC data extract May 29