There are people who for one reason or another have not yet submitted their DS260. AS I have posted before, the window to safely delay your submission is closing fast. It might be the case that processing times speed up, but so far we have not seen evidence of that. We might see some increase in the next batch of 2NLs, but I wanted to send this warning now, just in case times have not reduced.

IT is probably helpful to understand the current processing times.

So far each month that goes by they have bundled up another months worth of DS260s. So – most forms submitted up to the end of July got 2NLs in December (assuming they were current of course). Most forms submitted in August got 2NLs in January (March interviews). In a week or so we will start to hear from people who get February 2NLs. If those people are submissions only up to the end of September it will mean there has been no increase in speed. If however we see some October submissions in there it will show there has been a small increase in speed.

However, if we assume there is no increase in speed at all the table of DS260 submission date to interview date would look something like this (this is in general – there will be cases that are exceptions to this timeline).



Now this table includes pretty much all submissions in a given month. By now the majority of cases will have been processed – so I don’t think a reduction in the waiting time before processing starts is unreasonable – but that is common sense talking and KCC don’t seem to work under the laws of common sense. We know that KCC haven’t even been looking at DS260s for 3 to 4 weeks up until recently.

Then the last point is the complexity/speed of the DS260 processing. Not all DS260s process at exactly the same speed. A simple case of an unmarried person from a  English speaking cooperative country with limited travel history is going to need less processing time than someone from somewhere such as Iran and with a spouse and 2 kids over 18.

So – as I mentioned before – submitting your DS260 is a gamble. I would expect to see an increase in speed soon – at least until the May 2016 influx of work BUT I would not want to bet my own case on that gamble!