A number of you are stuck in a difficult position because you may be residing in a country affected by the 14 day travel restrictions.

You may be a named plaintiff, and you might be easily helped because you are in group 1, 2 or 3, but you are stuck because the embassies have been told not to issue visas to people in the affected countries.

The legal team are looking into that and are asking for affected people. They have a sign up sheet which is here

By all means enter your info there. BUT I also wanted to explain that if I were in your position, particularly those people who are named plaintiffs, I would immediately travel to a different non banned country. The clock is working against you and the 14 days requirement will leave almost no time. You would need to be out of the banned area for 14 days before you could be issued. So – given the date today you have literally a few days left in order to leave some time before the deadline ends.

If the legal team are successful you could come back home – but to give yourself the best chance, leave now.

Get documents together (and consider translations), and make sure you get proof of entering the other country to prove you have been there. Then – KCC can schedule you in the non banned country. This would work best for named plaintiffs because KCC are helping as much as they can, but if you are not a named plaintiff you may want to do that anyway for to see what happens in the next few days.

Also – I did a live Q&A earlier today which you can view below.