To be clear on the current status for DV2020 people with visas (most likely due to expire in March).

Some people have travelled and entered since September. The airlines and even CBP were lax in understanding procedures. That seems to have changed where the pretravel system is telling airlines to not allow people to travel. CBP officers seem to be more clued up to stop cases slipping through. One case I know of was a person that entered the USA shortly after midnight (so early Jan 1), was processed through immigration and then called back to immigration whilst still at the airport. They were then sent back.

So – for now, the chances of entering the USA have pretty much gone, and I suggest that no one tries going through that hassle now. Of course that does NOT include people who had visas re-issued after their pre April 23 visas expired.

Biden will, I strongly believe, remove this extension very soon after inauguration. Why am I so sure? Well partly because he is pro immigration and a smart decent man. He knows unfairness when he sees it and has empathy, intelligence and good judgement. He also listens to advisers. That is all what we normally expect from a President that has been missing for 4 years. He also fundamentally knows that immigration is good to drive an economy. All the new arrivals will be looking for homes, cars, will need to get food, behave normally. They will search for jobs and take what they can get. All those things are good for an economy. He knows that – and will act accordingly.

However, you may not agree with some of my thoughts, so let me explain another way.

Biden has made public on numerous occasions that he plans to remove the Muslim ban on day 1. He is doing that for some of the reasons that I mention above, but mostly because it was an EO rooted in stupidity and bigotry. Biden will not let that be the way we handle the world.

Now if Biden removes the Muslim ban, but were to leave the new extension in place, then removing the Muslim ban would be pointless – right?

So – DV2020 cases with visas. WAIT. That’s all. Just wait.