The CEAC data has been extracted by Xarthisius. He was able to pull the data using a paid service to solve the captchas. Although there is a cost, it is faster than our “crowd” method that we used last year. So we should be very grateful to Xarthisius for getting this data for the first load. It allows us to start looking at data to understand many things about this year.

The video below is a useful introduction to the data and has some of my thoughts as I was looking at the data last night.

We now know the precise highest case numbers assigned in each region. This is not the final cutoff numbers, this is simply the highest winner number in each region.

AF – 73269
AS – 31565
EU – 55271
OC – 2247
SA – 4000

Important links:

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How to check your status and what the status codes mean