I hope DV2021 people are understanding how serious the situation is right now.

At the current pace of scheduling, there will be a massive “miss” in terms of visas issued. KCC already have more people “ready for scheduling” than they intend to schedule, so whilst they are still working on document processing, it is nowhere near the volume that it should be. That means for most cases, even those that are already ready for scheduling, there will not be a happy ending.

The Goh lawsuit seeks to preserve visas after the September 30 deadline as we saw happen in DV2020. However, thus far Judge Mehta has not given the go ahead to process the preserved visas, so we don’t know if that will be effective.

The Goh lawsuit is now closed for new participants, but Curtis Morrison is planning to file a new lawsuit early next month. So there is an opportunity to get on that lawsuit over the next 2 to 3 weeks. I recommend everyone seriously considers doing that. The initial cost for most people is “only” $500 and you pay the balance upon entry to the USA. Curtis and Rafael have set it up so that residents of Africa and a few other countries have an exception so they don’t even have to put down the $500 up front payment and will pay the full $1500 charge once they enter the USA (over 3 consecutive monthly payments). So that means it’s a no brainer to be on the lawsuit.

Now, what good can the lawsuit do – well there is no guarantee of course but since I expect less than 10k visas will be issued, for most of you by far the lawsuit is a chance where you basically have little or no chance right now.


Watch the video below to hear my perspective and explanation about this.