The new lottery process for DV2022 starts today! Many people will get the fantastic news and begin their lesson in “patience” today. Existing winners will know what I mean.

By the way – speaking of being patient, the ESC website will certainly have some performance problems for the first few hours. If that happens, you can get frustrated and keep trying OR try again after a few hours. I would take the second option!

The entry checking site will open at noon EDT today (May 8, 2021), and of course the site will be unbearably busy and unstable for a few hours because everyone will try and check at the same time. Happens every year.

So if the site doesn’t respond, just wait a few hours. The link for checking is here

I created a video to introduce new winners – I hope it helps!

Also for those that stuggle to check their case accurately – check out this video: