Here is the “final” DV2014 data file. In theory there could be some updates to the CEAC data in the next day or two – but pretty much this is our ending position. As you can see in the screenshot – they managed to issue 50770 visas to consular processing cases. We may be missing a few cases that were not updated in CEAC and we know that AoS cases are not included in these numbers (which we think are around 2000). So – it is likely that when the publish the final numbers for DV2014 they will be reporting around 53,000 visas issued – over the 50k limit due to using NACARA allocated visas. At least they did go well over the stated limit of 50k. AF received nearly 3500 visas in September, so that would never have happened had it not been for NACARA visas being reclaimed.

Many many people missed out. THe AP number shows ~4800, but actually the true AP number was higher than that as a lot of cases don’t show derivatives as on AP when the principal is on AP. We also know that some (perhaps many) of the ready cases are really cases that were on AP (i.e. had been interviewed and were either never cleared from AP or waitlisted for a visa that never came).

We also know that as well as the 77.5k cases shown there were many that missed out because their numbers were over the cutoffs for August and September. So – demand for the elusive Green Card probably was higher than previous years – I would say a minimum of 95k (probably over 100k) wanted the Green Card with well over 75k of those who were qualified. There is no doubt that the planers screwed up enormously by picking so many selectees, and sadly, DV2015 will be a similar story.