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Entering the DV Lottery

Why does America run the Green Card lottery?

Eligibility to enter the DV lottery – country of eligibility/chargeability.

Education or Work experience – qualifying for the DV lottery

Entering the DV lottery – does the timing of the entry matter?

Using an “agent” to apply for you – is that a good idea???

OK I entered/won the lottery – can I quit my job now?

My child is about to turn 21 – can he/she get a visa as my derivative???

Marital status and the DV lottery

Once you have been selected

Consular Processing versus Adjustment of Status

OK I “won” the lottery – should I hire a lawyer???

The DV interview – what questions will be asked…

Marital status and getting married during the DV lottery process…

All about public charge, affidavit of support, I-134

I-134 or I-184 – what is the difference

Follow to Join for DV lottery cases



Approved! – now what?

After successful interview – Length of visa validity, leaving the USA after arriving….

Move money to the USA


Living in the USA

Getting your Drivers license in the USA

Health Insurance for new immigrants

Establish credit history in the USA

Some financial pointers for new immigrants on a low budget…

About health insurance in the USA – some explanation.

University degrees and credentials gained outside of the USA – how will they be viewed…

Deciding on where to live in the USA, cost of living and so on…

Finding work in the USA

Your rights and obligations as a Green Card holder

How to sponsor family members once you have your Green Card


How does the DV lottery work

Why is there such a delay in getting my 2NL letter???

What will be the impact of Nigeria being excluded this year (to AF and other regions)?

Long term impact of the introduction of DS-260 on DV2015

The lottery draw process, “holes theory” and so on….

Holes theory illustration

Nigeria DV2015 case number reduction

The regional quota mystery – solved????

Embassy League table – statistics on refusal/AP/Issued

Some useful DV related links

DV lottery scams

CEAC datafiles

Final DV2014 CEAC Data

DV2014 Partial CEAC data

2013 CEAC data

Historical Visa Bulletin Numbers


Random stuff about me or whatever!

About me – a quick Biography

My preferred mode of transportation….

Really – what is your excuse…



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