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Year 2017

Latest travel ban being fought

*** Update *** Travel ban lifted – for now.   The latest travel ban is due to go into force tomorrow. However, today, a judge in Hawaii has blocked the ban, in the same way that the previous ban was… Continue Reading →

DV2019 entry period to be restarted

Due to a technical issue, the DV-2019 entry period that began on October 3 has been closed. Entries submitted during October 3-10 are not valid and have been excluded from the system; they will not count as a duplicate entry…. Continue Reading →

VB progress explained – again

I’d like to explain some things. First, I work for a living. I am one person. I sleep about 5 or 6 hours a night. I have a family. Because of all these things I cannot answer all your questions… Continue Reading →

Visa bulletin for December 2017 interviews released

AFRICA: 10,000 Except: Egypt: 6,200 Ethiopia: 6,300 ASIA: 2,500 Except: Iran: 2,150 Nepal: 2,000 EUROPE: 6,000 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS): 4 OCEANIA: 400 SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN: 425 The “November” bulletin has been released. It includes details of case numbers… Continue Reading →

DV Lottery entry site down for maintenance

**** UPDATE **** The DV-2019 entry period is being restarted and extended. DV2019 entry period to be restarted     I am getting lots of people asking the same questions so I want to write this one time and refer… Continue Reading →

DV2017 CEAC data

OK – as some of you will know, over the last few days many people have joined together and provided the hands and effort to solve CAPTCHAS on the CEAC system. Xarthisius coded a BRILLIANT tool that was able to… Continue Reading →

CEAC data scraper update

When people from all of the world can communicate, and work together to a common goal we can achieve great things. We (the Briotsimonsays readers) are showing that right now! It’s not even 48 hours since I asked for help on… Continue Reading →

CEAC extraction tool more help needed

***Quick Update*** I put out this request for help nearly 18 hours ago. Since then YOU have managed to capture an additional 16000 numbers – so we are almost 25% through the whole 2017 case number range. This is absolutely fantastic…. Continue Reading →

Some help needed to test CEAC tool

A lot of my understanding of the DV lottery process was built or enhanced by having the ability to analyze the data from the CEAC system. DHS makes this data publicly available in a website where anyone can check the… Continue Reading →

Impact of travel ban on DV2018 case numbers

The “new” travel ban (discussed on this earlier post) is likely to cause problems to selectees from each of the selected countries. In my earlier article I have listed the selectee counts for the countries impacted by the ban. I… Continue Reading →

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