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DV-2023 Basic questions

We will have many DV2023 selectees with very basic questions. Let me try and address the most frequent ones here in the hope that people will read this. If you ask a question and I give you a link to… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for January 2023 interviews released

The new Visa Bulletin was released a short time ago, which was very slightly after the “normal” schedule – although of course, some have been stressing for days over the “late” VB with much speculation of what it could mean…. Continue Reading →

DV2022 official issued number released

Just a quick but interesting update about the number of visas issued in DV2022, which should the scraped CEAC data was the most accurate source. During the DV2022 processing, there had been some lawsuit related declarations by the government that… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for December 2022 interviews posted

The visa bulletin was released earlier today, which was earlier than usual. The same thing happened last month too, so perhaps the government are trying to release the VB early each month. As you can see there was movement in… Continue Reading →

DV2024 entry dates “leaked” early

The DV2024 dates have not been officially published by the Department of State yet – BUT as has happened in a couple of previous years it looks like an embassy has “jumped the gun” and leaked the entry dates. This… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for November 2022 interviews released – maybe.

So – the new visa bulletin was released today (unusually early) and it is really quite odd because the numbers are identical to the previous bulletin numbers for October interviews. No change to any of the regions or countries. Now,… Continue Reading →

Government confirms documents not required for DV2023

  The government have confirmed what we knew so far that the document procedure is not going to be in place for DV2023. That is great news, because the document procedure had caused a problem with processing since it was… Continue Reading →

The first 2NLs for DV2023 are being sent

Seeing a couple of cases getting their 2NLs for October interviews. Again, this is a sign that things are working better than DV2022. By the way, this is also confirmation that, at least for now, the document procedure is not… Continue Reading →

First Visa Bulletin for DV2023 is published

The Visa Bulletin for October interviews has been published. I always expect the VBs to be published between the first and the 15th of each month, so it is interesting that they published right on the first day. For DV2023… Continue Reading →

Is DV2022 over?

Watch this video where I explain why I think we are getting very close to the end of the visas.  

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