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DoS posted about the lawsuit

DoS have posted about the lawsuit, explaining that they will do their best, but won’t be cancelling any other cases in order to prioritize DV cases. They are giving instruction to all the embassies and the embassies have started updating… Continue Reading →

A great win in the DV2021 lawsuits

Judge Mehta has release an order/opinion that is a very good win for DV2021 cases. Congratulations and thanks goes to the legal eagles that have fought this battle! He tells the government to do as many interviews as possible before… Continue Reading →

DV-2020 – we won!!

Judge Mehta has issued his order on the Gomez case. He has instructed the government to issue the DV2020 cases until the 9095 visas are used. There will need to be some details worked out about timing and how it… Continue Reading →

First Visa Bulletin for DV2022 released

The first Visa bulletin for the DV2022 processing year has been released. It is the VB for October interviews. The numbers are low, and that is not a surprise, it’s pretty normal. Theoretically, cases below these numbers in each region… Continue Reading →

Do KCC really process documents in case number order?

The answer is simple – yes. But if you want to understand it better, please take a look at this video.

Lawsuit hearing Preview

Hi all, as you probably already know there is an important hearing tomorrow where DV2020 and DV2021 issues will be heard on a number of different lawsuits in front on Judge Mehta. We will NOT have any final decisions tomorrow… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for July 2021 interviews published

The new Visa Bulletin has been released. This one is for interviews in July, and it now makes all regions AND COUNTRIES current. To be clear, this is about DV2021, it is NOT about DV2022 numbers. However, as I have… Continue Reading →

DV2021 should you be on a lawsuit

I hope DV2021 people are understanding how serious the situation is right now. At the current pace of scheduling, there will be a massive “miss” in terms of visas issued. KCC already have more people “ready for scheduling” than they… Continue Reading →

DV2022 entry checking starts today

The new lottery process for DV2022 starts today! Many people will get the fantastic news and begin their lesson in “patience” today. Existing winners will know what I mean. By the way – speaking of being patient, the ESC website… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for June 2021 interviews released

The new Visa Bulletin has been released. This one is for interviews in June, and as Charlie Oppenheim said he would do – he made the regions current. Current means can be scheduled for interview (apart from the “except” countries… Continue Reading →

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