The numbers are released – theses are for September interviews – meaning these are the final numbers that will be made current this year. Case numbers higher than these numbers will not get any benefit from their DV lottery selection in the DV2015 lottery.


I have to say – I am slightly stunned by some of these numbers. It ooks like a mistake – BUT I remember that very same feeling last year and it turned out to be true.

Very very sad…

AFRICA  50000  (Last month 44250)


ASIA – 7650 (Last month 7650)

Nepal:7150 (Last month 7150)

EUROPE – 43050 (Last month 39750)

OCEANIA – 1490 (Last month 1325)

SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN – 1350 (Last month 1350)

FINAL DV2015 VB released