The new Visa Bulletin has been released. This one is for interviews in July, and it now makes all regions AND COUNTRIES current. To be clear, this is about DV2021, it is NOT about DV2022 numbers.

However, as I have already explained, that is purely an indication of how “broken” the system is at the moment. KCC has reported that there are not enough “ready for scheduling” cases to use the remaining visas. That is only true because KCC have not processed enough documents, it is not a true reflection of the actual demand.

Now, far more critical is the pace of scheduling. Again that is bad. As I pointed out in my video a few days ago, there is no sign that KCC is planning to schedule a high volume of cases overf the remaining months, and in fact, they are instead showing the opposite behavior. They are still very very low on interviews, around 40 embassies are yet to even accept their first DV case, and the DoS has announced that DV cases are a very low priority in a capacity limited system. All very serious, and not the news you would want to hear.

Please consider the situation seriously. There is significant risk to all cases right now. I discussed this a few days ago and you can read/hear more on my thoughts about joining a lawsuit here.