I’m getting various versions of this question many many times every dat. So let me give some tips here, so that I don’t have to repeat my answers again and again.

First – what should you expect?

KCC will sometimes prioritize processing in case number order. So if your case number is nowwhere near current, they will not be rushing to process your documents.

KCC stopped working at full capacity for some months. During that time I am sure there was a backlog of documents built up, and it ill take some time to work through that backlog. I also believe that more people will have been sending documents in the last month or two since I have been saying that everyone should be sending documents. So you might have done everything right, but because of the backlog, it will still be weeks before your documents are processed. No amount of panicking will help that.

By the way, EVERYONE should send their documents. #SendTheBloodyDocuments

OK, so those things being said here is what you can do if you are still waiting for documents to be processed.

  1. If your case number is high – be patient. They won’t get to your documents yet. But do read the other tips here below.
  2. If your case number is low or even current, and you sent your documents less than 2 months ago, Wait.
  3. If your case number is low or even current, and you sent your documents MORE THAN 2 months ago, so the following.
    • Check your documents carefully to see you sent the correct documents – some tips here. I have seen SEVERAL cases where people were convinced they had sent the correct documents, I recommend a change, and within days people get the ready for scheduling email. So many cases are being delayed through not preparing the documents correctly. Take this point seriously, your GC depends on this step!
    • You can email or phone KCC and ask them are they satisfied with your documents. Be prepared to identify your case with full case number (including zeros), full principal selectee name and date of birth. Tell them when you sent the documents, what documents you included and so on. Behave professionally, calmly and note what they say.
    • Wait a couple more weeks, then try again.
    • If needed, resend your documents, again making certain that your full set of documents is attached.
  4. If you email KCC and they tell you they are waiting for proof of why you did not provide a passport in the initial entry, then answer them. If your answer is that you simply didn’t have time to get a passport before the entry, but were able to do so later, then you are likely not going to get scheduled. Rules matter.
  5. If you ask KCC about documents you sent and KCC email you and send the email that says “You should have received, or will soon receive, an email from the Kentucky Consular Center giving you instructions to complete in order for your case to continue processing.” It means your documents are not processed yet. Read the tips above, and wait a couple more weeks, then try again. Perhaps phone this time.
  6. If you get an email that says “Your case number is now current for interview processing. ” that means you are being scheduled right now and can expect a 2NL by the end of the month, assuming the embassy is taking interviews.

So overall, remain calm and realize that you may be causing yourself a problem by not following instructions. But also realize that things will take time. No amount of stressing and running around like a headless chicken will solve your problem. Exercise some patience, and whilst waiting, make sure you have followed these tips, precisely.