This is the month end file.

Let me first say – I believe the issued numbers for this file are still understated due to the system issues. The issues have been resolved, but it is possible that embassies have not updated the case status reliably. You can note that particularly AF region has a small increase from last month AND a high number of “in Transit” cases. The latter is a certain sign of “slow/lazy” updates by the embassies – and I think that could have been the case on issued cases also. Nevertheless we can see there has been quite a number of visas issued this month globally which was mainly in EU and AS regions (which may also be underreported).

This data is what KCC will be looking at when  the decide how many interviews to schedule in the last month. Let us hope they aren’t too conservative in their estimates. We should see the final VB in less than 2 weeks from now.


Just while I am writing, the 2NLs for August have not come out yet. They may be affected by the technical issues, and they have also set significantly more interviews than usual. So – hopefully people will see the actual 2NL very soon.

Here is the data


CEAC data June 30